Saturday, February 23, 2008

What can I talk about at EntConnect?

I am now wondering what I can talk about at the EntConnect 2008 Entrepreneurial Connections Conference that is coming up in just over a month. I could have talked about what it feels like to be an entrepreneur "trapped" in a full-time job, but since I will once again be independent after Monday, that topic is moot. And since my initial part-time independent work will be for a stealth startup, by definition I will not be able to say even one word about it.

It was not my intention to speak at a formal session, but there is usually some sort of informal session where everybody is given a chance to say what they are up to.

Actually, I was thinking of proposing to moderate an informal, purely interactive session focused on the question of what skills attendees feel they need to work on over the coming year to take their business (or ideas for a business) to the next level. A secondary question might be the extent t which we can build a thriving online community cased around the concept of helping each other work on and build those skills that we as a group identify as high priority.

I may propose this interactive session for Sunday morning when the conference traditionally starts to wind down and the energy level tends to dissipate.

-- Jack Krupansky


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