Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thinking of starting your own technology-based business venture?

Starting your own technology-based business can be a very scary and daunting task. Sure, it can be very appealing, very seductive, and possibly even very successful, but there are many pitfalls and potholes and curves along the way. One way to help you get started or to help you deal with the inevitable challenges along the way is to attend the annual EntConnect Entrepreneurial Connections Conference that is held near the end of March every year out in Denver, CO. It is less about collecting information, but much more about having a great opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs of all skill and experience levels.

So, whether you live in the Denver area and just want to drop in, or even if you live far away and simply want an excuse to go skiing or check out what Colorado is all about, EntConnect is a great way to pursue your entrepreneurial passions.

Sure, you can succeed in your entrepreneurial quests without EntConnect, but the conference is a great way to share expertise and experiences with a great group of like-minded individuals.

And even if you had not been considering a new business before you read this post, ask yourself whether you are really confident that being an entrepreneur is not a role that would you would ever consider. Even if you have no entrepreneurial experience, this conference might just give you the push that you need to break out of your "day job" (or no job!) and become a master of your own destiny.

Just to be clear, this conference is not about franchise opportunities or MLM or any kind of get rich quick scheme. Rather, it is all about building real value that real people will be willing to pay real money for.

For details and to register online, check out the official EntConnect 2008 Entrepreneurial Connections Conference web site.

Oh, and venture capitalists are welcome as well -- provided that they bring some of their venture capital with them!

-- Jack Krupansky


At 1:51 AM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the actual headcount for this conference recently? Are we talking 20 or so people, 50, or 100+?

At 1:59 AM EST , Anonymous Jack Krupansky said...

Last I heard, there were 23 people registered for this year, so far.

20 +/- has been typical in recent years.

-- Jack Krupansky


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