Friday, February 20, 2009

Are you a former reader of Midnight Engineering magazine or need an excuse to go skiing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado?

[This is a revision of a recent post, just trying to get it more accurate.]

Whether you are an entrepreneur or thinking about starting your own business or simply need a good excuse to go skiing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Entrepreneurial Connections conference (EntConnect) may be just the conference you have been waiting for. Targeted primarily at engineers (hardware, software, and other) and others with a strong technical interest, it is more of a loosely-structured "unconference", with plenty of opportunities for a relatively small group of participants (15 to 40) to network or even give their own presentations on a very wide range of topics from technology, business strategy, intellectual property and legal issues, accounting issues, finance, marketing, sales, and even selling your business. With plenty of time to ski or otherwise enjoy the mountains and Denver area (great time to visit Boulder or Colorado Springs as well), the conference is a great opportunity to "learn and share" and otherwise have an "out of box" experience. Participants and speakers range over the full spectrum from wannabes and newcomers to successful young entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans. The conference is an excellent opportunity to meet up with former readers (and possibly even the publisher) of Midnight Engineering magazine as well.

Visit the official conference Web site, Hotel rooms at the Sheraton Denver West in Lakewood, CO are available at the conference rate of $79.

I have been attending the conference since it first started (as ME-Ski and then ENTCON) in 1992.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 8:39 AM EST , Anonymous Mikkel said...

I remembered the seminar I attended that turned my life around to the path of success. technical knowledge and networks that helped all came from that seminar. So do not pass up this opportunity, it may be a once in a lifetime one.

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