Thursday, May 12, 2005

Seth Godin: What every good marketer knows

Inspired by a scathing blow-off by the New York Times ("a new but disappointing work... Unfortunately, Mr. Godin spends most of his book reinforcing what good marketers already know."), marketing guru Seth Godin offers a long list of "What Every Good Marketer Knows". The first few items are:
  • Anticipated, personal and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.
  • Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.
  • Your best customers are worth far more than your average customers.
  • Share of wallet is easier, more profitable and ultimately more effective a measure than share of market.
  • Marketing begins before the product is created.
You'll have to read his blog post for the full list.

If only the NY Times would practice "what good marketers already know."

-- Jack Krupansky


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