Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Yahoo discussion group for Entrepreneurial Engineers

Lee Devlin has been bold enough to start a new Yahoo discussion group, MidnightEngineers, dedicated to the interests of entrepreneurial engineers. As his introductory description states:
This is a discussion group for entrepreneurial minded engineers. We welcome those who are running their own technology companies, free agents, and of course, those who are trapped in corporate cubicles but aspire to someday join or run their own tech startup.

At one time, there was a magazine called Midnight Engineering targeted at people like us, but unfortunately it is no longer published. However, a loyal group of that magazine's readers still gets together once a year during the last week in March for a conference in Denver called EntConnect. There's a link below to the EntConnect confernce website.

We have an announcement mailing list for EntConnect, but a few of us wanted to have a ongoing discussion group that was more conversational, where people would not get too concerned if a topic got discussed for weeks (since one can always turn off email on a Yahoo group), hence the decision to start this group. We hope to find more people by having it on Yahoo Groups where it should be easy to discover.

The only rules are to be polite and helpful, and please, no spamming. To prevent the latter, each member's first message will be moderated.

So, if you are a "technie" with your own business or even if you simply inspire to build and run your own business, or even if you are simply a former reader of Midnight Engineering magazine or a formaer attendee of the ME-Ski or EntConnect conferences, please join Lee's new group. And, please do post any information or opinions which you feel might be of interest to fellow entrepreneurial engineers.

I am Member #2. Who wants to be #3 or even round out the "First Ten"?

-- Jack Krupansky


At 9:27 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Jack, how is the new NYC lifestyle? That is one city I've always wanted to live in, tell us how its going.

At 6:48 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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