Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yet more skills for entrepreneurs

I have a couple more skill areas I need to develop or improve in addition to those that I have already blogged about (Skill developmentMore entrepreneurial skills, Being in touch with your market at an intuitive level, and A few more skills for entrepreneurs):

  • Connectors - Identify, cultivate, and utilize "connectors", who are those people you know who have their own network of contacts that is broader than your own immediate network of contacts. They are the people who can give you introductions and information that can really open doors that you could not open as easily by yourself.
  • Overlap - Exploit opportunities to overlap projects so that you can get started much sooner and be able to complete the ramping up process much more quickly than if you had waited for current projects to completely wind down before even contemplating the start of new projects. Recognition of the length of the sales cycle is one example.
  • Enthusiasm - Others can readily and effortlessly sense your passion and energy in a way that will tend to rapidly "infect" them and cause them to become interested in, if not thoroughly passionate about, your products and services.

Geez, how much longer can my list of skills needing improvement get? I already have a couple more in mind that are not quite jelled enough to put into readable form.

-- Jack Krupansky


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