Wednesday, March 05, 2008

37signals profiled in WIRED

There is an interesting profile of 37signals in WIRED by Andrew Park entitled "The Brash Boys at 37signals Will Tell You: Keep it Simple, Stupid." They are a distinct alternative to the traditional tech venture which may have started small but with aspirations of growing large. They have a philosophy that eschews appealing to the interests of the Fortune 500 and prefers to keep things simple and at a human scale.

The article does criticize 37signals for not worrying more about scalability and complexity, but it is not at all clear how that will play out in the end.

What we really need is an auto-scaling cloud computing infrastructure such that application development tools such as  those from 37 signals do not need to reinvent scalability for every tool and every application.

Nonetheless, 37signals is a venture to watch in the coming months and years. I would not count them out out.

Maybe some entrepreneur will come along and invent a virtual machine emulator that is automatically scalable and gives 37signals apps a scalable sandbox to work in.

-- Jack Krupansky


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