Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Company Building For Eight Year Olds

Here's an interesting, amusing, and enlightening post on the topic of what VC's do from David Hornik of VC firm August Capital in a post entitled "Company Building For Eight Year Olds." David tells us that...

When my eight year old asked me what it meant to be a VC, I tried to explain it in terms that he could appreciate. He is a skate board fanatic and has been talking about starting a "skate brand" where he could sell shirts, hats, decks, etc. with his particular logo (needless to say, practically everything he wears has some skate logo or other on it -- Etnies, NorCal, Element). He spends his day drawing potential logos, shirt and skateboard designs, and telling me which professional skateboarders his brand will sponsor. So I tried to describe venture capital in the context of a skate brand... (read on).

-- Jack Krupansky


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