Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Art of Execution

Nice blog post by Guy Kawasaki entitled "The Art of Execution". In short:

  1. Create something worth executing
  2. Set goals
    • Measureable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Rathole-resistant
  3. Postpone, or at least de-emphasize, touchy feely goals
  4. Communicate the goals
  5. Measure progress on a weekly basis
  6. Establish a single point of responsibility
  7. Follow thru on an issue until it is done or irrelevant
  8. Reward the achievers
  9. Establish a culture of execution
  10. Heed your “Morpheus

Do read Guy's post for his elaboration of each of those points, especially that last one (Morpheus? something to do with The Matrix?).

His blog is called Let the Good Times Roll by Guy Kawasaki.

-- Jack Krupansky


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