Thursday, March 05, 2009

Contemplation of life off the grid

Although I personally have no desire to "drop off the gird", the current economic crisis implicitly raises it as a very real possibility. Obtaining satisfying and well-paying work (or even entrepreneurial opportunities) is no longer anything even remotely resembling a "slam dunk." Maybe life off the grid would not be such an unconscionable alternative.

But what would it mean to live off the grid, as a general proposition? Somehow, the primary constraint would be to dramatically limit expenses:

  1. Rent. Maybe free lodging. Or camping.
  2. Meals. Consider growing some own food.
  3. Health care. Only real option is that you need to be in great health.
  4. Entertainment. Need to entertain yourself. Use the library, including free Internet access. Free cultural events.
  5. Socializing. No longer quite so easy to socialize with those on the grid. Network with others off the grid.
  6. Keeping up. Including current events, work opportunities, and training opportunities. Once again, the library may be a best solution.

Thoreau tried to live off the grid, for awhile, but he had some land, a cabin, and a life he could go back to.

At this stage I am certainly not seriously contemplating going "off grid", but if May rolls around and I have no serious employment opportunities (contracting, full-time, part-time, or whatever), suddenly going at least partially off-grid will become a possibility to consider. I will still have significant cash (and stock??) resources at the end of May (when my current apartment lease is up), so I actually will not be "forced" to go completely off the grid, but maybe a partial off-grid lifestyle might be a possibility.

Some kind of semi-nomadic lifestyle may in fact be more appropriate for me.

Or, finding some locale where I can live really, really, really cheaply until the economy stabilizes at least a little.

In any case, I have my living expenses for the next three months covered and can "merrily" sit back and watch the economic storms swirl around me, as if I had not a care in the world. Or something like that.

-- Jack Krupansky


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