Monday, February 21, 2005

The 128 Innovation Capital Group

There used to be a group called the 128 Venture Capital Group that held monthly breakfast meetings in the Route 128 area (Waltham) west of Boston where entrepreneurs, investors (both venture capital and angel investors), and service providers would get together to discuss mutual interests, as in trying to raise money for a new venture. That group closed shop in December 2004, but has been succeeded by a new group called The 128 Innovation Capital Group. Their charter is simply:
The mission of the 128 Innovation Capital Group is to foster an environment where Innovation flourishes. We accomplish this by providing a forum where Innovative Entrepreneurs can meet Investors, Talented and Experienced Managers and Service Providers who will enable their organizations to become successful enterprises.
I haven't attended any of the meetings of the new group, but I did attend a meeting of the previous group and numerous discussions with its founder. They can be both interesting and fun, and that's even if you don't come away funding. It's a great place to network and build up your list of contacts.

The web site for the new group is

So, if you are in the Boston 128 area check out their meetings or their site or talk with their new Executive Director, Annette Reynolds. She can be reach via email at


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