Saturday, February 19, 2005

Buzz Factor

Buzz is everything.

If you don't have "buzz", you've got nothing.

Word of mouth is cheap and effective. It helps people get excited about your products or services. Excitement equals exposure. And that's what marketing is for.

Traditional marketing is great for scaling up your business, but buzz gives you a bigger base to scale from.

One theory is that blogging and blog "feed" syndication are one of the best ways of raising your "buzz factor". But of course this assumes you've spent the effort assuring that your product or service really does have some special appeal that will meet the needs of a significant base of potential users.

Spend less time agonizing over specific "important" features of your product or service and focus on enhancing its buzz factor.

Let's hear about your thoughts on "buzz", either here in the blog, or via email.


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