Sunday, April 01, 2012

Agent Server is a product without a name

My new agent server does not have a formal name. I have done this intentionally. I don't actually consider it a true "product" or commercial "service" at this point in time. It has no real packaging (okay, it does have a downloadable zip file and a home on GitHub) and you can't "buy" or "subscribe" to it per se. From my perspective it is still "raw" technology. Yes, it is packaged to make it easy for people to access the technology, but it is certainly not "ready for prime time."
I vaguely considered whether to give it a name, but decided that all such "marketing" effort would be a distraction from focusing on getting the technology working and available for evaluation. Any kind of true marketing is still down the road.
For now I use one of the following descriptive names to refer to the technology:
  • Agent Server
  • Software Agent Server
  • Base Technology Agent Server
  • Base Technology Software Agent Server
  • Any of the above with a suffix of "Stage 0" (e.g., "Base Technology Agent Server - Stage 0")
Once I start getting some feedback on the technology and refine it a bit more, then and only then will I be ready to engage in some "real" marketing, starting with brand identity, naming, product positioning, messaging, and promotion.


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