Monday, March 15, 2010

Latest Lending Club investment loan fully funded and issued

Only Friday morning I put in an order to use recent cashflow (and an early repayment) from my portfolio of Lending Club investment loans to invest in a new loan. Over the weekend that loan reaching full funding and early this morning Lending Club issued the loan. Wow, that was fast!

My current Net Annualized Return remains at 14.47%, but it should rise as I start to receive payments from the new batch of loans I made in February. My goal is to hit 15% (or maybe 15.5% to keep the average above 15%.)

So far, my Lending Club portfolio has been perfect, with no delinquencies or even late payments. I started investing with Lending Club back in June.

This is still just an experiment for me since I have no prior experience with this type of investment, but so far in has been very encouraging. I intend to double the size of the experiment in April (assuming my work income continues.)

-- Jack Krupansky


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